Reimagining Education For The Digital Age

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About Us

We are looking for

innovators with big ideas who can help us reimagine education for the digital age. Together, they will prototype new technologies across a range of academic needs.

Our goal

is to attract the nation’s smartest entrepreneurs and experiment with cutting-edge technology-enabled educational approaches that can improve:


  • Student outcomes
  • Lower education costs
  • Increase student access


Startups that join DV X will receive:


  • Mentorship
  • Coaching
  • Feedback to help improve their products
  • Opportunity to become long-term DeVry Group partners

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Meet our team and mentors:

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Portrait of Jeff Dunn
Portrait of Tim Harrington
Portrait of Steve Oxman
Portrait of Will Wong
Portrait of Eric Dirst
Portrait of Jesús Fernández
Portrait of Steve Gradman
Portrait of Karen Evans
Portrait of Ramin Nadaf
Portrait of Bob Soulliere

Ramin Nadaf

Bob Soulliere

Jeff Dunn

Tim Harrington, EdD

Steve Oxman

Eric Dirst

Jesús Fernández, EdD

Steve Gradman

Karen Evans, PhD

Will Wong


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